Marblehead, Massachusetts

Well, Tim and I managed to get away for two nights and two days to Marblehead. Finn stayed with his Nana and Grandpa on the Cape and had a grand ol’ time without us!

We stayed at a beautiful B&B called the Seagull Inn. I will post pics of the actual place next time–I haven’t had a chance to go through all of my pictures yet.

What a neat town! Tim and I are both particularly fond of historic, seaside villages. We love the old houses, the history, the charm. Whenever we go places like this, we come back wishing we could move there! Here are a few shots from our first day walking around historic Marblehead:

This is the gate to a gigantic castle/mansion by the water. Some of the homes we saw there were crazy!

Another cool spot we spent some time at was this old cemetary. The oldest stone we found was dated 1690. There were likely older ones whose dates were simply too eroded to read anymore. It was amazing to note how much shorter peoples’ lives were back then, too. Lots of children and young adults…

How’s this for a spooky, old tree in a 325 year old graveyard? Let’s just say I was glad it was daytime.

When we arrived, our hosts asked us if we had visited the world’s ugliest lighthouse yet! It’s pretty small in this picture. (And actually kind of cool looking.)

Tim and I on the street. Dreaming of owning one of the beautiful, old homes. As long as it is not haunted. Seriously.

Red door at Fort Sewall, 1644.

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